Valuable raw material from sewage sludge (FlashPhos)

Elemental white phosphorus (P4) is essential for key industries such as the food and pharmaceutical sectors and is therefore a strategic raw material of high relevance. Although there are sufficient hidden phosphorus reserves in sewage sludge in Europe, the EU is dependent on imports from Kazakhstan, Vietnam and China. The aim of FlashPhos is to demonstrate a thermochemical process for the sustainable production of high-quality white phosphorus for the chemical industry using sewage sludge on a large scale. This is to be made possible in an economically and ecologically sensible and climate-friendly circular economy process.

During the four-year innovation project coordinated by the University of Stuttgart, the industrial FlashPhos process will be demonstrated in a pilot plant with up to 250 kg/h sewage sludge throughput. The first pilot plant in Europe is to be built by 2025. Together with an industrial consortium, production on an industrial scale is to begin in 2028.

As project partner, the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum supports the administrative project management, the communication activities and the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

Further information:

  • Project name acronym: FlashPhos
  • Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • Funding budget for all partners: around 12 M EUR
  • Participating countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain
  • Project duration: 05/2021 - 04/2025

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Keywords: Sewage sludge, phosphorus, cement, chemical industry

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