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Hydrogen represents a great chance for a clean EU mobility. As an emission-free energy carrier, it is very versatile and can be used in transport infrastructure as well as in other industrial applications. For several years, we have supported EIFER in Karlsruhe in EU research projects which contribute to climate-neutral mobility and the implementation of the European Green Deal.

Researchers at the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER) in Karlsruhe develop new ground-breaking solutions in hydrogen mobility and transport. EIFER and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum have been working together on European research projects since 2010 and have acquired around € 25.5 million in EU funding through six funded projects. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports the submission of project proposals and assists EIFER with the implementation of the project and the communication, dissemination and exploitation of research results. Together with other European partners, EIFER and Steinbeis promote the market entry of hydrogen technologies.

Fuel-cell-powered delivery vehicles

The successful collaboration began in 2010 when Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and EIFER were both partners of an EU proposal in the frame of the "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen" Joint Undertaking. The partners received €4.3 million in funding for the EU project MobyPost [1](2011-2015) and developed a carbon-free mobility concept for the French postal service. As part of the project, ten fuel -cell powered electric vehicles were built, all fuelled with green hydrogen generated from solar energy. EIFER coordinated the technical development of the various components and supervised the monitoring of the refuelling infrastructure. All partners worked towards preparing the market launch of the developed technologies.

Hydrogen compression solutions - COSMHYC [2]project series

The COSMHYC series, a new series of three EU projects with EIFER in the coordinator role successfully started in 2017 with the assistance of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum. This represents over € 8 million of EU funding overall. The technical focus of the project lays on the development and demonstration of an innovative compression solution to improve the reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the compression step in the hydrogen value chain. The COSMHYC solution is a hybrid concept that combines an optimised mechanical compressor with an innovative metal hydride compressor.

During the first COSMHYC project (2017 - 2020), the consortium of five partners successfully developed, built and tested the first prototype of the metal hydride compressor. In the follow-up project COSMHYC XL (2019 - 2023), the same consortium scaled up the innovative solution and adapted it for heavy-duty and high-performance applications.

After the technology has been validated in the first two COSMHYC projects, it will be demonstrated at a public refuelling station in Sorigny, France. This will be the first commercial application of the innovative COSMHYC solution, which promises to be a breakthrough for reliable and cost-efficient hydrogen infrastructures.

To achieve the transition from a research prototype to a market product, the start-up EIFHYTEC was founded. Within the COSMHYC DEMO project, EIFHYTEC is responsible for the production, certification and demonstration of the metal hydride compressor. The new refuelling station with the innovative compressor will be commissioned in 2024.

Hydrogen as a fuel for shipping

In the H2SHIPS project (2019-2023), EIFER and eleven other partners demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen refuelling systems and hydrogen propulsion systems for shipping. In the Netherlands, a hydrogen-powered port vessel was built and in Belgium a hydrogen refuelling station for ships was constructed. A third cased study was dedicated to inland shipping In Paris. H2SHIPS partners analysed the technical feasibility of a hydrogen value chain on the Seine by conducting detailed studies such as the analysis of the legal framework for the use of hydrogen as a fuel and the development of an action plan for future value chain implementation. Together with the international consortium partners, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum discussed the conditions for a successful market entry of hydrogen technology in North-West Europe. H2SHIPS received a € 3.47 million EU grant from the Interreg North-West Europe programme.

H2SHPS work was continued in the Horizon Europe project POSEIDON[3] (2023-2027) which focuses on the use of synthetic methanol (e-methanol) as a fuel in shipping. Under the leadership of EIFER, the project partners develop technologies such as e-methanol production plants and marine engines to mainstream synthetic methanol as a fuel in EU ports. POSEIDON lasts four years and is funded by the EU with nearly € 10 million.

In both projects, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports EIFER in project management, communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

Demonstration von Wasserstoffkompressionslösungen (COSMHYC DEMO) - Steinbeis DE (

Synthetic methanol will pave the way for the decarbonization of European shipping sector - Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is partner in the Horizon Europe project POSEIDON - Steinbeis EN (

[1] MobyPost – Mobility with carbon-free hydrogen for postal delivery

[2] COSMHYC - COmbined hybrid Solution of Multiple HYdrogen Compressors for decentralised energy storage and refuelling stations

[3] POSEIDON - Propulsion Of Ships with E-methanol In favour of the Decarbonisation Of Naval transport

„A successful team for almost 15 years! Given the wide range of research topics, the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum provides valuable support in the identification of suitable cooperation partners and integration into European networks. The experts at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum have an extensive understanding of the EU funding landscape, the requirements of complex project and are able to plan projects effectively. Their advice and active involvement play a significant role in sharpening our ideas and ensuring the success of the project. We look forward to future collaborations and the realisation of other successful projects.“

Dr. Julian Dailly, EIFER, Coordinator of POSEIDON

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