Fundacion AyesaAuxiliary components in fuel cell systems for a clean automotive future

Traffic is responsible for around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Clean solutions for all modes of transport are urgently needed. Electromobility, fuel cells and hydrogen are promising areas of innovations for the automotive industry.

The optimisation of fuel cell technology with a focus on the peripheral components of the fuel cell, the so-called "Balance of Plant" components, was the subject of the EU project INN-BALANCE. For this purpose, new concepts were developed, e.g. for the supply of hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell, for thermal management and function monitoring of the entire fuel cell system. After completion of a first prototype, the functionality and compatibility of the components at system level were successfully tested in a fuel cell test bench. The new developments were installed in a vehicle platform to evaluate the performance of the overall system.

To further advance the project results for mass production and commercialisation, the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is in close contact with the Clean Hydrogen Alliance. The European alliance for clean and environmentally friendly hydrogen brings together industrial partners, national and local authorities, civil society and other stakeholders and supports the development of a competitive hydrogen industry to harness the potential of hydrogen for transport and industry as quickly as possible.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum was responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation oft he project results.

EU funding (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking): 5 million Euro, 01/2019-10/2021


INN-BALANCE - A new automotive fuel cell degradation model for greater durability - YouTube

„Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported us very well in the implementation of INN-BALANCE. As coordinator, we led a consortium composed of key industry players, research and technology organisations. This enriched our expertise in hydrogen technologies and management of a multidisciplinary team. At the same time, we were responsible for developing an application to better assess the costs of BoP components. In both activities we were supported by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, in bringing the developed application online and in disseminating the project results.“

Jose Manuel Garcia Campos, Fundacion Ayesa

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