Advanced Microturbines SrlAccess to the Latin American market


Through the administration of the EU-funded internationalization grant scheme, and through the INNOWWIDE project, Steinbeis 2i supported profit-oriented and innovative SMEs and start-ups with a grant of 60,000 Euros per project over the past two years. The financial support enabled the selected SMEs to validate their business strategies and models towards entering a foreign target market.  

Advanced Microturbines Srl from Genoa, Italy is a manufacturer of microturbines that harvest energy from gas and water pressure and flow in distribution pipelines, generating electricity that enables data-driven management of geographically distributed pipelines. Through the funding, the SME was able to carry out a feasibility study in Peru with the aim of introducing its technology to the Latin American market. In addition, the company from Italy had the chance to network with the other selected SMEs at an Info Day event hosted by S2i in Karlsruhe. Advanced Microturbines Srl will now work together with the Slovenian SME Medius S.o.o., a software expert to develop a solution for the digitalisation of water networks. S2i supported the SMEs on their joint journey and has pointed to a further funding instrument for this project, the EU-funded project Digifed that funds innovation in digitalisation and cyber-physical systems. 

„"The project funding from INNOWWIDE allows us to enter new markets. Without this funding, it would have been very difficult for us to find this path."“

Emmanuele Guglielmino, CEO and founder of Advanced Microturbines Srl

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