As part of the Smart Cities project SmartEnCity, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and project partners have developed a replication toolkit that is now available for interested cities. This so called "SmartEnKIT" presents all of the project’s results, methods and solutions  in a visually attractive and easily understandable way. The aim is to  inspire other small and medium-sized cities in Europe to start their own journey towards a carbon-free future.

As an interactive city map, the SmartEnKIT is a playful and easy-to-understand tool. Regardless of whether you are an expert or just interested in smart cities, the toolkit offers different ways of approaching the topic at different levels of information. Depending on the mood, the user can simply stroll through the streets and explore the elements or follow the "Explore more" or "Get into action" streets.

You can find the toolkit at: SmartEnKIT /

SmartEnCity Final Brochure - A Travel Guide for Cities

The final brochure was produced by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, documenting the best practices of the project’s cities. The publication can therefore be seen as a "travel guide" for cities that want to take the path towards climate neutrality.

To the brochure: The Journey towards Zero Carbon Emissions - A Travel Guide for Cities

About SmartEnCity

After almost seven years and the joint efforts of 38 partners from six countries to make smart and zero-emission cities in Europe a reality, the EU project SmartEnCity came to an end in July 2022. SmartEnCity was funded under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and coordinated by Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation. As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the dissemination and communication of project activities, the exploitation of project results, business models, market introduction and measures to stimulate replication, as well as the management of intellectual property.

SmartEnCity Final Conference - The Journey to Smart CO2-Free Cities

The variety of project results and experiences was presented at the final conference “The Journey towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities” from 14-15 June 2022. The conference venue was the Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Spanish Basque Country. The conference ended with two guided tours: One demonstrating the new smart electric bus (BEI - Bus Eléctrico Inteligente) of Vitoria-Gasteiz, explaining charging, services and the automatic guidance system. And another one showcasing the  neighbourhood Coronación, where intelligent solutions in the field of energy renovation were presented by the project partner GIROA-VEOLIA.

SmartEnCity in a nutshell:

  • 3 Lighthouse Cities: Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), Tartu (Estonia) and Sonderborg (Denmark)
  • 2 Follower Cities: Lecce (Italy) and Asenovgrad (Bulgaria)
  • 38 project partners from 6 countries
  • Duration: 78 months (February 2016 – July 2022)
  • EU Funding: 28 Mio. Euro

Facts & Figures:

  • Retrofitting of 1,847 dwellings and 124,506 m2
  • Benefits for 29,300 inhabitants (population of the three districts)
  • Energy savings of about 27 million kWh/y
  • CO2 reduction of 20,622 tons/year

„The SmartEnCity Cities4ZERO methodology has been so successful that it is already being used in other European projects and cities as well. Would you like to be the next? Then consider this booklet as an instruction manual for your city’s successful transformation. Via QR-codes, each chapter leads to more detailed information on the SmartEnCity website. In a way, we thus consider this booklet as a travel guide to start the smart zero carbon emission journey in your own city. Have a good trip!“

Silvia Urra Uriarte & Francisco Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel, TECNALIA Research & Innovation, Spain, Coordinators of SmartEnCity

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