Annual Report

Enabling Innovators to Grow

01 Foreword

Welcome from the Executive Board

Welcome from the Executive Board

Welcome from the Executive Board

In 2022, we were particularly pleased to learn that we are positioned in first place as a company in Germany in terms of project participation in the EU programmes ‘Horizon 2020’ and ‘Horizon Europe’. From 2014 to 2022, we were able to participate in 146 projects as a project partner.

"Enabling Innovators to Grow" is our priority! As our clients and partners, we accompany you in the long term and enable you to take the next step in your individual organisational development towards more innovation, internationalisation and sustainability.

Our annual report presents success stories of our customers, including companies of various sizes, universities from Baden-Württemberg, and clusters, including cities, municipalities, and islands. We hope these stories inspire and encourage you to become active on a European and international level yourself. In addition to solutions for a sustainable, climate-neutral and resilient future in the fields of renewable energies, water supply, air pollution control or circular economy, we are also active with our experts in all innovation areas of digitalisation, health, mobility and social innovation.

Based on your innovation needs, in 2022 we individually accompanied you in the initiation of international cooperations and collaboratians in European projects, through which we also acquired EU funding for Baden-Württemberg and Europe.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our clients and project partners for the excellent cooperation, the joint development and implementation of new ideas, as well as the interesting projects and topics that we were able to design and successfully realise together with you.

We are looking forward to strengthening and advancing joint European cooperation in 2023. Get in touch with us and tell us about your ideas and needs!

Dr. Petra Püchner

CEO Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

Dr. Jonathan Loeffler

CEO Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

Dr. Jonathan Loeffler and Dr Petra Püchner, Foto: Uli Regenscheit
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02 Figures 2022

Figures at a glance



Enabling Innovators to Grow

European innovations for a sustainable society and ­ responsible industrial transition

We continued to be committed to this mission statement in 2022 and implemented it through the following services for our clients:

400 clients
were provided with advice on innovation financing
140 clients
were provided with advice on internationalisation and market access
77 applications
were submitted to the European Commision
130 million € in EU funding for international consortia
were acquired through our involvement in applications for the coming years
13.8 million €
of funds returned from the EU to Baden-Württemberg for us and our clients
80 projects
with over 600 partners from 52 countries

Our turnover in 2022 is made up of three sources: the largest part - 65% of project funds - comes from funding measures of the European Commission, 22% results from services we provide on behalf of clients, 13% of the funding came from the federal and state ministries.

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03 Client Journey

Client Journey Baden-Württemberg

Client Journey
Success story Baden-Württemberg

Client Journey
Success story Baden-Württemberg

MANN+HUMMEL – Shaping the transformation

How can this transformation succeed as an automotive supplier? EU-funded projects offer a great opportunity to bring technologies into the market. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported MANN+HUMMEL GmbH in its innovation and transformation projects.

MANN+HUMMEL GmbH from Ludwigsburg is a global leader in the field of filtration and offers solutions for clean mobility, clean air, clean water and clean industry. Originally a classic supplier to the automotive industry with over 80 locations worldwide, the company is successfully expanding its portfolio of solutions - both with a view to alternative engines and new forms of mobility as well as in the Life Sciences & Environment sector.



Two million euros for MANN+HUMMEL

Since 2018, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has been advising MANN+HUMMEL on obtaining European funding for its innovation and transformation projects. This collaboration led to the approval of three innovation projects in 2022, for which MANN+HUMMEL will receive a total of around two million euros in EU funding over the duration of the projects.

MANN+HUMMEL's Filter Square air cleaners reduce fine dust pollution in subway stations, Foto: MANN+HUMMEL

Reducing fine dust in traffic - EU project AeroSolfd

As coordinator of the EU project AeroSolfd, MANN+HUMMEL can advance its technologies for the filtration of brake dust and for improving air quality in underground railway stations from pilot status to market readiness. In several workshops, together with the core partners of the consortium, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum tailored MANN+HUMMEL's viable concept to the EU call for proposals The proposal preparation support from Steinbeis led to success. The three-year project has been funded by the EU with a total of five million euros since May 2022. Sixteen project partners from eight countries will benefit from this.

In AeroSolfd, the project partners are developing cost-effective, scalable and environmentally friendly retrofit solutions to reduce exhaust and brake emissions as well as pollution in (semi-) enclosed environments. Thereby, the partners are making an important contribution towards cleaner mobility and cleaner air.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is part of the consortium and supports MANN+HUMMEL in management activities, especially in financial matters. As the responsible partner for the work packages communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project results, it ensures the implementation of a communication and exploitation strategy to bring the innovative filtration products to the market.

Brake dust particulate filter to reduce fine dust emissions in road traffic, Foto: MANN+HUMMEL
"As a filtration expert, how can MANN+HUMMEL contribute to cleaner mobility, cleaner air and cleaner water in EU-funded projects? Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is a valuable partner for us in this regard: its holistic approach, many years of experience and expertise allow us to make sound decisions.

The extensive network of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum opens up additional opportunities. We would like to thank the entire team for their commitment to developing excellent proposals and look forward to further cooperation!“
Dr. Martin Lehmann, MANN+HUMMEL

Access to new markets in the Life Science & Environment sector

By participating in two other EU projects, MANN+HUMMEL is able to expand its expertise and filtration technologies in indoor environments and thus contribute to improving air quality. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum helped the company to enter the applicant consortia through a partner search. MANN+HUMMEL will receive over 1.3 million euros in these two projects. Both projects are funded through the Health Programme in Horizon Europe with around eight million euros each.

The K-HEALTHinAIR project is about indoor air quality and its effect on health. Based on a comprehensive measurement campaign for chemical and biological pollutants, an assessment of indoor air is carried out and eventually, a cost-effective and simple way of monitoring and improving indoor air quality will be developed. The LEARN project is dedicated to improving indoor air quality in schools. In particular, the concentration of volatile organic compounds and ultrafine particles will be analysed and their impact on children's cognitive performance assessed.

Role model for open innovation

MANN+HUMMEL has been opening up its innovation processes for several years now, developing its processes and products with the help of external partnerships. The company uses open innovation to meet rapidly changing customer needs.

Additional networking opportunities were offered by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum at the Open Innovation Congress Baden-Württemberg 2023, where MANN+HUMMEL participated as a speaker. The company also contributed to an Open Innovation Challenge as part of the EU project PITCCH. Here, as an internationally active company, it offered cooperation opportunities for SMEs and start-ups. With the PITCCH project, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum established an EU-funded open innovation network that brought together technology centres, large companies and SMEs as well as start-ups in different sectors.

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04 Success Stories Sustainable - Climate neutral - Resilient

Digitalisation & Industry 4.0 - 13 million euros boosting circular economy

Success Stories
Digitalisation & Industry 4.0

Success Stories
Digitalisation & Industry 4.0

Our aim is to inspire our customers about Industry 4.0 and 5.0, artificial intelligence, cyber security and the Internet of Things. As part of the growing network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), we support SMEs in digitization. By way of EDIHs services, we provide access to technical expertise and testing facilities all over Europe and help companies improve their business and production processes. The two projects below depict how we are contributing to shape the factories of the future.

13 million euros boosting circular economy

Harms & Wende GmbH & Co KG and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum have a long-standing partnership, having successfully collaborated on numerous European projects. The SME conducts research and development in the field of welding machines and offers customized solutions. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has provided support for project applications, project, knowledge and innovation management, intellectual property rights clarification, and exploitation of project results. In the project RECLAIM, Harms & Wende developed an "Intelligent Health Management Toolkit" consisting of sensors and software that monitor the performance of their welding equipment. The toolkit enables efficient equipment utilization through actual analysis and forecasts, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction by providing rapid and targeted responses to customer problems, as well as advice on plant optimization. The beta version of the toolkit has already received significant interest from customers and will soon be implemented in the first production plants.

Optimised friction welding with the project RECLAIM, Foto: Harm& Wende GmbH & Co KG
€ 13 million
10/2019 – 09/2023
EU-Funding for RECLAIM
"With RECLAIM, we have not only succeeded in upgrading our existing friction welding systems to the latest state of the art, but we have also managed to develop an entirely new generation of friction welding machines that are more than capable of meeting the future demands of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Thanks to the excellent support provided by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, we have achieved groundbreaking results in this project."
Dr. Michael Peschl, Harms & Wende GmbH & Co KG
Our Role in RECLAIM
Application, Project- & knowledge management, Communication, Technology Transfer
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Tailor-Made Upskilling for the Factory of the Future

Tailor-Made Upskilling for the Factory of the Future

What will the factory of the future look like? What qualifications will workers need? How can they be involved in the selection of suitable qualification measures? These and other questions were answered by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and project partners during the implementation of the FIT4FoF project "Fit for the Factory of the Future".

Based on a comprehensive trend analysis and the development of around 100 job profiles that will be important for successful Industry 4.0 companies in the future, future upskilling needs were identified in a co-design approach and training measures based on this approach were developed and tested. Employees, management and educational partners were involved in the process.

In addition, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum facilitated the development of a future scenario and so-called personas, which depict the challenges and opportunities that may arise for employees in the future and the skills they will need to meet them. These persona images and the FIT4FoF scenario aim to inform public and private stakeholders and to trigger the discussion on future developments and training needs in the manufacturing sector. After all, only if both employers and employees envision how they imagine their future to look like will they be able to actively shape it.

€ 1.6 million
10/2018 - 01/2022
EU-Funding for Fit4FoF
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Bioeconomy - Platform for sustainable forestry

Success Stories

Success Stories

The bioeconomy focuses on the sustainable production and use of biological resources. Raw materials from waste, residual materials, wastewater and exhaust air are extracted with the help of innovative technologies and fed back into the economic cycle. It thus makes a direct contribution to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal, namely climate neutrality by 2050. We show you innovative ways and solutions based on two examples.

Platform for sustainable forestry

With the EU project ROSEWOOD4.0, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has established a platform for technology and knowledge transfer for innovative and digital timber and forestry. 21 partners from 18 countries contributed to this extensive knowledge platform with 279 best practices and innovations on digital solutions, including five competence centers in five regions, so-called hubs for wood mobilization. The results contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the timber industry and support rural development in line with the European Bioeconomy Strategy.

In 2022 European Funding once again has been achieved. The project FOREST4EU started in January 2023 and is coordinated by the University of Florence. The consortium includes partners of ROSEWOOD 4.0, among them Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

€ 2 million
01/2020- 06/2022
EU-Funding for ROSEWOOD4.0
„The ROSEWOOD4.0 project was very valuable to us and it is very much in our interest to follow up and deepen the experiences, which have been enabled by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum. They did a very good job, connecting a lot of stakeholders and experts for innovation in forestry.

We got valuable contacts with practitioners and experts from other countries, as well as an overview of existing digital solutions for sustainable wood mobilization."
Visnja Koscak, Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH, project partner in ROSEWOOD4.0
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Our Role in ROSEWOOD4.0
Project Coordination & Management, Technology Transfer, Building Strategic Partnerships
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Bioeconomy - From wastewater treatment to agroecological practices for African smallholder farmers

HS Karlsruhe
From wastewater treatment to agroecological practices

Prof. Dr. Jan Hoinkis is Professor of Environmental Engineering and Head of the Water Technology Group at the Hochschule Karlsruhe. His research focuses on sensor-based and energy-optimized membrane filtration techniques in the field of drinking water treatment and wastewater recycling. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum assisted the university and Jan Hoinkis since 2005 with four European project, during the project bidding process, project innovation and knowledge management, exploitation of research results and training measures.

Innovative treatment of drinking and industrial water in China and Bangladesh

The INNOWA project dealt with innovative treatment of drinking and industrial water with partners from Germany, Italy, China and Bangladesh. The membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology researched at the university is a key technology for wastewater treatment and recycling.


Membrane bioreactors improve water quality in North Africa

In 2010, another joint proposal was successful. Led by Jan Hoinkis, the EU project BioNexGen received 3.4 million euros in funding from the EU; with partners from the MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa). As a result, a new class of membranes was developed for use in bioreactors for wastewater treatment.

Five months old fish, Project VicInAqua

Clean water and sustainable fish farming at Lake Victoria

The follow-up project VicInAqua with funding of around 3 million euros was again dedicated to African target groups, this time around Lake Victoria. In order to protect the sensitive ecosystem at Lake Victoria in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and to secure nutrition and health of the people living there, the Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with other partners, developed an efficient, flexible and robust system for wastewater treatment and reuse in fish farming and irrigation.


Agroecological practices for African smallholders

The PrAEctiCe project builds on the results achieved in VicInAqua. It focuses on the transformation to organic agriculture for East African smallholder farmers. Here, Jan Hoinkis aims to demonstrate that organic farming is both sustainable and financially viable. The project will provide a decision support tool for agroecological extension that will facilitate the selection of the most appropriate combinations of agroecological practices. The tool is being validated in three Living Labs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania that focus on circular water-energy-nutrient systems in the context of integrated aquaculture.

"Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum supports us in all organizational and financial tasks related to the EU project - meeting preparation and implementation, reporting, project management and trainings. I really appreciate the competent advice from the project managers at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum."
Prof. Dr. Jan Hoinkis, Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
€ 6.9 million
11/2022 – 04/2026
EU-Funding for PRAECTICE
Prof. Jan Hoinkis visiting project partners in Kisumu, Kenya
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Smart Cities - Business models for urban districts

Success Stories
Smart Cities

Success Stories
Smart Cities

Climate-neutral by 2050. The master plan for this is provided by the Green Deal, which poses major challenges for cities, as they are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse emissions.

In European projects, we have been applying the principle of testing and replication for many years. Specifically, we support pilot projects in so-called lighthouse cities that play a pioneering role. The focus is on energy generation and efficiency, mobility, energy management and digitalization. Two projects show how we develop business models and support communication measures.

Business models for urban districts

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum co-initiated the Smart City project mySMARTLife and brought CARTIF from Spain as coordinator into the project. As a project partner, it was in charge of innovation management, communication and public relations. As part of innovation management, it analyzed the expected results, considered the market opportunities, and developed an exploitation plan and business models.

To drive exploitation and market introduction for the selected results, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum conducted 12 patent analyses and prepared a roadmap and business plan on business opportunities and initial business models. Throughout the project, several knowledge transfer workshops and webinars were conducted with the members of the Lighthouse Cities, the Follower Cities and the mySMARTLife Cities Network. In mySMARTLife, 150 solutions were developed in the lighthouse cities of Hamburg, Nantes and Helsinki to transform cities into more sustainable, inclusive and environmentally friendly places and to reduce CO2 emissions in cities.

Robot bus pilot at Helsinki, Smart Cities Project mySMARTLife
€ 18.7 million
12/2016- 09/2022
EU-Funding for mySMARTLife
Our Role in mySMARTLife
Innovation Management, Communication, Exploiation, Technology Transfer & Market Access
Project partners mySMARTlife in Hamburg, Final Conference, September 2022
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Smart Cities - A Toolkit for cities

A Toolkit for cities

As part of the Smart Cities project SmartEnCity, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and project partners have developed a replication toolkit that is available for interested cities. This so called "SmartEnKIT" presents the project’s results, methods and solutions in a visually attractive and easily understandable way. The aim is to inspire other small and medium-sized cities in Europe to start their own journey towards a carbon-free future. As an interactive city map and a guidebook for cities that serves as a guide to successful transformation.

€ 28 million
Funding for SmartEnCity
Our Role in SmartEnCity
Communication, Exploitation, Technology Transfer
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Climate neutral islands - Energy Community on Borkum

Success Stories
Climate neutral islands

Success Stories
Climate neutral islands

Many European islands are on their pathways to sustainably produced, green energy. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports 78 island communities as a strong partner for communication in the EU islands secretariat. Here it implements public relations measures, including podcasts, videos, publications as well as seminars and conferences. (see example 3)

In two island projects it accompanies the North sea islands Borkum and Norderney during the implementation of technologies and measures.

Energy Community on Borkum

Since 2015, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has been supporting the island of Borkum in the implementation of decarbonization measures. As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports the establishment of a renewable energy community. It conducts an analysis of the technical feasibility and economic viability and initiates citizen participation processes on the island.

The possible technology paths are evaluated technically and economically by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, identifying the greatest potential and the best path for a renewable energy community. In dialogue with interested citizens as well as with the municipal utilities company Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH, foundation stones for a renewable energy community will be laid.

5th Borkumer Energy Days, September 2022, Foto: Stadtwerke Borkum
€ 7 million
10/2020 – 09/2025
EU-Funding for ISLANDER
Our Role in ISLANDER
Technology Transfer & Market Access, Creating Strategic Partnerships
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Climate neutral islands - Decarbonization Action Plan for Norderney

Decarbonization Action Plan for Norderney

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is supporting the island of Norderney in developing an investment planning tool for the decarbonization of the island, which will include a timetable as well as an initial investment plan. The plan will be published in the fall of 2023 together with the action plans of the other follower islands represented in the project. The measures are intended to reduce fossil fuel consumption on the islands by an average of 11%.

„Through the exchange with the other islands, we can learn a lot and accelerate our energy transition. In addition, it is our first experience with European funding. The colleagues at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum made it possible for us to participate in the project. They are helping us to use software to simulate our energy system and use it to create an investment plan for renewable energies on our island. They not only support us with the content of the project but also help us with all questions concerning the administration of the project. Without Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, we would not have been able to take the step of participating in a European innovation project.“
Holger Schönemann, Managing Director Stadtwerke Norderney
Our Role in INSULAE
Exploitation & Technology Transfer, Creating Strategic Partnerships
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Climate neutral islands - Clean energy for islands

Clean energy for EU-islands

As partner for communication in the EU islands secretariat, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum takes over public relations measures, including publications, podcasts, videos, seminars and conferences. In 2022, the handbook From vision to action: How to tackle transition on EU islands and the Technology Solutions Booklet were published as one of the main outcomes of the consortium. With the action-oriented approach "Explore, Shape & Act", the islands are supported in the transition to clean energy and on their way to decarbonization.

Island of Chalki, Greece
€ 1.7 million
02/2021 – 02/2023
EU-Funding for EU island secretariat
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Health - Roadmap for digital health and healthy aging

Success Stories

Success Stories

To drive innovation in digital health and personalized medicine forward, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has expanded international cooperation between the EU and strategic partner countries through the EU projects IDIH and IC2PerMed. In both projects, we have contributed to the development of roadmaps.

Roadmap for digital health and healthy aging

In the IDIH (International Digital Health Cooperation for Preventive, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living) project, experts, policy makers and end-users from six regions worldwide, including Canada, China, the EU, Japan, South Korea and the USA, developed a strategic roadmap for an international cooperation in the field of "Digital Health for Active and Healthy Aging" on behalf of the European Commission. This roadmap defined common priorities and identified collaboration opportunities, paving the way for increased international cooperation.

As project coordinator, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the consultations with various actors and stakeholders from the fields of research, technology and innovation (expert forums) to prepare the strategic roadmap on behalf of the European Commission.

€ 1.9 million
05/2019 - 04/2022
EU-Funding for IDIH
Our Role in IDIH
Coordination, Project & Knowledge Management, Roadmapping
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Health - Roadmap for personalized medicine

Roadmap for personalized medicine

The IC2PerMed (Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine) project developed a strategic roadmap for personalized medicine. Facilitators and barriers for the cooperation between the European Union and the People's Republic of China were identified to create a common basis for a broader implementation of personalized medicine.

As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the identification and mapping of multiple initiatives, regulatory frameworks and strategies on both the European and Chinese side. A joint strategy was developed, common policy goals were advanced, and bilateral research projects were launched.

€ 1.7 million
01/2020 - 12/2023
EU-Funding for IC2PerMed
Our Role in IC2PerMed
Creating Strategic Partnerships, Roadmapping
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05 Services and References

Small hydropower for Central Asia

Innovation management

Innovation management

The European Commission funds project consortia, with the aim of promoting Europe's innovative strengths and bringing innovations to the European market more quickly and in a sustainable way. As an expert, moderator, and catalyst for innovation management, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum accompanies and supports the project partners during the project timeframe.

Success Story
Small hydropower for Central Asia

In Hydropower For You (Hydro4U) 13 project partners from eight countries have adapted European technologies for small hydropower to the needs of Central Asia. Innovative, modular, and standardised solutions for medium and low pressure applications are also being implemented. In addition to direct market access for the project partners, Hydro4U supports innovation management on the way to accessing the Central Asian market for the entire European hydropower sector. Two demonstration hydropower plants are being built and evaluated in Central Asia: an ecological low head shaft hydropower plant and a medium head hydropower plant.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the Technical University of Munich, which is coordinating the project, from the very beginning, starting from the project conception phase with the other 11 partners and assisted them in the application process. In the project, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum works systematically with the partners to describe the impact of innovative results, define the exploitation intentions, and clarify ownership and IPR. In a further collaborative process, the most promising project results are selected. Small working groups will then work out different aspects for these, e.g., on the Central Asian framework conditions for market entry and adequate business models.

Read more in the long version: Innovation Management in EU-Projects - Small hydropower for Central Asia - Steinbeis EN (

Project partners Hydro4U, 13 partners from eight countries
“In Central Asia, there is a variety of irrigation canals and existing transverse structures in the rivers that show great potential for small hydropower plants. The construction of two reference plants in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan as part of the Hydro4U project is a good opportunity for us to present our hydropower technologies. Hydro4U offers us a large media reach and we expect a corresponding market feedback.

The project helps us to expand our product portfolio and to offer solutions for differentiated customer requests, also in the micro and small hydro sector.”
Thomas Eder, Global Hydro, Austria, project partner for turnkey small hydropower plants
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Open Innovation and the Do-it-together approach in furniture design

Success Story
Open Innovation and the Do-it-together approach in furniture design

With the INEDIT project, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and partners have developed a "do-it-together” approach that brings together customers, designers, furniture manufacturers, and makers in a collaborative working process. The development and design of the furniture pieces are actively shaped by the customer supplemented by feedback from other customers, ideas from designers, consideration of material properties, and manufacturing frameworks obtained from makers.

As a project partner and leading partner of communication, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has promoted the dissemination of project results, supported the consortium in clarifying intellectual property rights, and developed an exploitation strategy. With many experienced innovation managers, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is leading the way towards sustainable implementation.

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Ivo Zeller, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum talking about open communities
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Your Path to EU-Funding

Your Path to EU-funding

Your Path to EU-funding

European funding programmes and the participation in EU projects secure competitive advantages and help access new markets in Europe. We find the right funding, search for partners, and guide you through the application process and project implementation.

400 clients were advised on innovation financing. These included 205 companies (of which 193 were SMEs), 117 universities and research institutions (of which 100 were universities of applied sciences and cooperative universities), 21 cluster initiatives and 14 cities and communities.

130 million €
For international consortia
2.7 million €
for SMEs
in Baden-Württemberg
4.5 million €
for Universities of applied Sciences
in Baden-Württemberg

77 project applications were submitted to the European Commission with our help. Our success rate is currently 30%, twice the statistical average.

130 million euros of EU fund­ing budget for international consortia were acquired through our involvement in applications for the coming years. These funds go to international and Baden-Württemberg companies, re­search institutions and other organisa­tions.


Around 2.7 million euros in EU funding will go to SMEs from Baden-Württem­berg. Around 4.5 million euros in EU fund­ing will go to universities in Baden-Württemberg.

With our support, project funds from the European Commission totalling 13.8 million euros flowed to Baden-Württem­berg in 2021.

13.8 million €
return flow
to Baden-Württemberg
50 million €
return flow
in the last 5 years

83 representatives of universities of applied sciences from Baden-Württemberg and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University were informed in the context of web seminars on Horizon Europe in the following topic areas: Hydrogen, bioeconomy, digitization, smart production and climate change in cities and communities.



3 universities of applied sciences from Baden-Württemberg have been supported successfully in the project application and during project implementation in 2021 and 2022, among them the universities in Karlsruhe (project PrAEctiCe and SophiA), Pforzheim (project REEsilience) and Albstadt-Sigmaringen (project Flex4Fact).

“Pushing innovation in mobility is INIT's core business. As the worldwide leading supplier of integrated planning, dispatching, telematics and ticketing systems for buses and trains, INIT actively participates in research projects together with public transport operators, cities, and partners from industry and academia.

Coordinating a Horizon Europe proposal with more than 20 partners was nonetheless an immense challenge, but thanks to the support of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and their extensive experience, we managed to hand in an excellent proposal. Thank you!”
Roxana Hess, INIT GmbH
"In the SophiA research project, we benefit as a partner from the network of participating companies and research institutes and jointly research new fields of the application for photovoltaic technology. By implementing our reference plants, RAACH SOLAR PROJECTS gains access to new markets and can develop new marketing models.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum facilitates our project management by taking over administrative processes, acting as the interface to the European Commission and helping to achieve the project goals by securing the time schedule. We look forward to submitting further joint applications for new research projects."
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International markets

International Markets

International Markets

As they begin to explore international markets, we support our customers in developing internationalisation strategies and to identify suitable markets and potential cooperation partners. In 2022, the focus here was primarily on Africa and Ukraine.

Enterprise Europe Network services:

140 clients were advised on internationalisation and market access. These included 92 companies (87 of which were SMEs) and 40 universities and research institutions (31 of which were universities of applied sciences).

Around 50 SMEs have been supported in 2022 with tailor-made services for innovation and internationalisation to support development and growth in the frame of the Enterprise Europe Network. In doing so, we take into account the challenges and opportunities of the Single Market, the introduction of sustainable business activities, and the development of strategic cooperation partnerships.

Foundation of Enrich in Africa Centre, November 2022 Nairobi, Kenya

Success Story
Strengthening European-African cooperation

The European-African innovation community received a significant boost in 2022, with the establishment of the ENRICH in Africa Centre in Cape Town by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and other partners in the ENRICH project. As coordinator, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has brought together renowned representatives of the African and European innovation ecosystems to build a consortium able to create true value and impact for the innovation ecosystem of Europe and Africa. A network of incubators and accelerators is being established to provide services based on the principle 'by the community, for the community', strengthening internationalisation and collaboration in the innovation sector.

In three other projects with African partners, we are engaged in the areas of digitalization (AEDIB|Net), food security (PrAEctiCe), and sustainability (SophiA). In the two research projects, PrAEctiCe and SophiA, we support the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in its role as coordinator in project implementation.

300 start-ups
have been supported through needs assessments
participation in investor pitch events, start-up and the ‘Accelerator Squared’ programmes
Over 50
accelerators and incubators
from Europe and Africa are engaged as members
Over 385
European and African members have joined
ENRICH in Africa EuroQuity community, including startups, investors, incubators, and accelerators
€ 3,6 million
01/2021 - 12/2023
EU funding for ENRICH in Africa
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International markets

Success Story
Enterprise Europe Network

Ukrainian start-ups win at Start-up BW Summit

As partner in the Enterprise Europe Network, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum initiates transnational cooperations to boost innovation across Europe. In a joint initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Tourism Baden-Württemberg and the Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Tourism Baden-Württemberg, Dr Petra Püchner, the idea was born to organise a delegation trip for Ukrainian start-up companies to Baden-Württemberg. In cooperation with the Ukrainian Enterprise Europe Network partner, ten candidates were selected out of 130 applications.

On 30.09.2022, the ten start-ups not only got the chance to present themselves at the Start-up BW Summit 2022, but also proved their commitment by presenting their future-oriented solutions at the Pitch Competition, which was divided into seven sectors. Two start-ups were awarded a prize money of 3,000 euros each. Two other start-ups were introduced to the "Life Science Accelerator" programme during their visit to the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Their application was successful, and the two start-ups receive a twelve-month training programme.

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs and Dr. Petra Püchner with Ukrainian Start-ups
"We learned about Baden-Württemberg’s start-up ecosystem and were impressed by a variety of opportunities there. We communicated with dozens of people and got many insights, that were already implemented. We met other start-ups from our field and now we are in a negotiation process with two other start-ups for future cooperation."
Alexey Serdyuk, Lexberry, Kiew, Ukraine, winner at the Start-up BW Summit 2022
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Enterprise Europe Network supports recovery für Ukraine's SMEs in Germany
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Regional transformation - 10 Years Danube Transfer Centres

Regional & social Transformation

Regional & social Transformation

Building on concrete analyses, we support you in planning and implementing the transformation of your local or regional economy. We help you to make your region competitive and accompany the development of your specific ecosystem, for example, in the field of social innovation or sustainability. In 2022 we supported activities in the Danube region.

Success Story
10 Years Danube Transfer Centres

In October 2022, the Danube Transfer Centres (DTC)celebrated their 10th anniversary. The network's track record is impressive. Starting with three DTC in the year 2012, ten years later the network has created 15 Entry Points with more than 60 partners in 10 countries. All of them have been built up with support of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

Thanks to close cooperation with all partners, it has been possible to launch 17 EU projects. Thus, 31.8 million euros in funding have been acquired since its inception. In the last two years, 10 new players from the Danube region have joined the consortia of EU projects.

One of the latest success stories within the DTC network is the development path of the DTC Entry Point Iasi, established at the Technical University of Iasi "Gheorghe Asachi". With the support of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum as partner and expert for the application process, TU Iasi received EU funding of 900,000 Euros for its project BrainTwin for the development of a neuroengineering research centre.

Dr. Jonathan Loeffler, CEO Steinbeis 2i GmbH and Prof Irina Lungu, Prorektor TU IASI are signing Memorandum of Understanding
10 Years Danube Transfer Centres, 11th Annual Forum of the Danube Region Strategy in Kosice, Slovakia
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Strategy for creative urban development in the Danube Region

Success Story
Strategy for creative urban development in the Danube Region

As a partner of the Interreg project RESTART_4Danube, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has developed a strategy for creative urban development in the Danube region. Involving SMEs and other actors of the cultural and creative industries, the strategy aims to strengthen the regional creative ecosystems in the Danube countries. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current framework conditions and assessment of the regional needs and challenges, a vision with 17 recommendations for actions in 5 substantial intervention areas have been developed.

The project involved 25 partners from 12 countries, including public authorities, companies, business support organisations, research institutes, civil society actors and the Danube Transfer Centers Bucharest, Zagreb, Maribor, and Craiova. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the coordinator Technical University Bucharest in successfully launching the project and facilitated the communication between regional and European policies.

€ 1,8 millon
07/2020 – 12/2022
EU-funding for Restart_4Danube
„The collaboration of University POLITEHNICA from Bucharest with Steinbeis Europa Zentrum already started some time ago in the frame of the Danube Transfer Center Network and brought valuable expertise, know-how and best practice because of their vast experience in various international projects.

Together, our common effort, as main drivers of the RESTART_4Danube consortium, has contributed to a stronger Urban Regeneration process, based on Cultural and Creative Industries in the Danube Region.“
Prof. Dr. Alexandru Marin, Director Office for technology transfer, University POLITEHNICA Bukarest
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Shaping innovation policy

Shaping innovation policy

Shaping innovation policy

The concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups are at the centre of the work of the Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg and her team. She also focuses on applied research and innovation, in particular on the transfer of knowledge and technology to companies, while supporting framework conditions in such a way that innovations can be brought to the European market as fast as possible.

In this context, to identify and address measures by providing and getting feedback from the Ministry of Economic Affairs is important to the daily work of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, closely working with companies and the institutes and universities of applied science in international projects.
Dr. Petra Püchner speaking at Open Innovation Congress 2023, Foto: Uli Regenscheit
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Innovation policy - Interregional cooperation - Artificial Intelligence and EU Strategy

Interregional cooperation as a guiding principle

The close cooperation with high-performing regions in Europe enables an effective bundling of topics and activities. Together with actors from other regions, for example within the framework of the Vanguard Initiative, the Commissioner for Europe launches strategic ideas and initiatives. In 2022, for example, in the fields of hydrogen and artificial intelligence, innovators from research and industry, especially SMEs, were connected EU-wide via the Vanguard Initiative to jointly test and apply market-ready products more quickly.

Artificial Intelligence and EU Strategy

The European Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides the legal framework for the AI sector. The proposal from spring 2022 has raised a lot of buzz and the trialogue between the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the Commission is due to begin. In 2022 we have been in close exchange with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the topic of regulatory sandboxes, which will be an important element for the implementation of the regulation, especially regarding innovation. We have continued the talks so that innovation is not hindered and unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles for SMEs are avoided.

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Innovation policy - Sustainable economy through European value creation

Sustainable economy through European value creation

A major focus is to support a more sustainable economy based on innovation and joint European action. In this frame, concerns of Baden-Württemberg SMEs were presented both to the Commission and the European Parliament in the areas of critical raw materials and the recycling of rare earth magnets. This was done, among other things, in rounds of direct bilateral exchanges between Baden-Württemberg stakeholders, companies and EU authorities, but also through letters to European stakeholders in response to the 'State of the Union 2022 Speech' by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

Enabling Innovators to Grow - this also includes the appropriate framework conditions that are proposed by the EU, especially in innovation issues. It is important to react at an early stage. That's why we hold informal and confidential talks, bring together political decision-makers, and moderate exchange between stakeholders from Baden-Württemberg and the EU. This heavily relies on our Europe-wide and international networks and cooperation with our project partners.

Dr. Petra Püchner, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs, and Prof. Carlo Burkhardt, Brussels, 8.12.2022
Minister of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut and Dr. Petra Püchner talking to Ukraine Start-ups at BW Summit 2022
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Event management

Event management

Event management

We connect you at events.
Our expertise lies in holistic event, information and communication management. In 2022, the focus was again on hybrid, virtual and physical formats. Some highlights:

November 2022
Smart Cities Marketplace at Smart City Expo World Congress

70 experts informed participants about solutions from European cities to pave the way to climate neutrality at our stand at the Smart City World Congress 2022 in Barcelone. As lead partner for communication of the Smart Cities Marketplace, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum together with Scalable Cities implemented the joint presence of projects named “European Smart Cities and Communities”.



30 lighthouse projects were presented. From 15-17 November, visitors were able to learn about innovative solutions of different smart city projects in presentations at the stand and in the Agora sessions. The Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 attracted more than 20,000 physical visitors and 21,000 online participants.

Smart Cities Market Place Booth Session at Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelone
Speakers at the stand
Projects at the stand

May 2022
Clean energy for EU islands forum

The Clean energy for EU islands forum was organised by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum as a hybrid event via the platform Veertly. The physical part took place in Rhodes, Greece on 17-18 May. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is the lead communication and events partner in the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat. The Forum was opened with a keynote speech by the EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, Greek Minister Kostas Skrekas and the MEP Tonino Picula - Chair of the SEArica Intergroup, European Parliament.

Clean energy for EU islands forum, Rhodos, Greece, May 2022
Participants at the site visits
“At the EU islands forum, we want to facilitate the dialogue between islands and share experiences from the islands regarding the clean energy transition. We also need to talk about technical assistance, strategies and agendas. Thank you to Steinbeis Europa Zentrum for launching and organising this two-day event with a lot of opportunities.”
Jan Cornillie, Project coordinator, Clean energy for EU islands secretariat (3E)

July 2022
AI-Champions Baden-Württemberg Award Ceremony

On 13 July 2022, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism awarded prizes to the AI Champions Baden-Württemberg 2022. The award ceremony took place for the third time and honours outstanding AI solutions "Made in BW". 9  award winners received their prizes from Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.



8 companies and one research institution were honoured for their AI solutions at the online award ceremony. They are working on outstanding AI solutions or have already brought innovative AI-based products, services, or business models to the market. The award ceremony was streamed live from the Römerkastell in Stuttgart.

KI-Champions Baden-Württemberg 2022, Foto: Uli Regenscheit

November 2022
Innovation Park AI goes Berlin

On 24 November 2022, Economics Minister Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, invited the nationwide AI scene to the office of the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin to provide insights into the Innovation Park AI in Heilbronn and cooperation opportunities. The audience got to experience AI for themselves: Klangio GmbH presented their AI for transcription into notes. Also an AI-generated exhibition by DALL-E 2 awaited the visitors. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum was responsible for the conception and implementation of the event.

Ipai goes Berlin, Foto: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden Württemberg
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Training people

Training people

Training people

We have structured and brought together our many years of experience in proposal writing, coordination and project partnerships to build trainings that can ensure your success. In addition to various one to two-day trainings for companies, universities, and research institutions, we offer a three-day certificate course on the application process for research funding. Our trainings can be booked as physical or digital events. On request, we also offer all courses as in-house solutions.

Applications, project management and innovation

Two trainings for a total of 15 participants from Baden-Württemberg were conducted in 2022. In the last five years, a total of 24 trainings for 115 participants were organised. Two inhouse trainings for 20 participants were also conducted. In 2021, the trainings were completely rebuilt and adapted to be delivered online.

"Thanks a lot to Steinbeis Europa Zentrum for the very helpful proposal writing training. It was an excellent event, very professional, both in terms of content and organization. I feel very well prepared for upcoming European applications."
Johannes Röder, Zentrum für Digitale Entwicklung GmbH

Danube Region

Three trainings for 43 participants on funding applications and internationalisation were conducted in the Danube region in the frame of the project BrainTwin.

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06 Projects


At a glance

At a glance

In 2022, we were involved in 80 projects with a total of 613 partners from 52 countries. Most of the funding came from the EU's Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programme.

6 projects are funded by INTERREG programmes. 8 projects received regional funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg. 2 projects received national funding.

80 Projects
52 Countries
613 Partners

In addition to content-related tasks and research support, we take on a variety of tasks and play different roles in our projects.

Find interesting projects - Steinbeis EN (

Learn from clients and their successs stories how they manage technological trends, for example hydrogen mobility, renewable energy, sustainable solutions or artificial intelligence.

Do you have an idea for a research or innovation project?

Contact us or do the idea check on innocheck-bw.

or look for funding programmes in our topics:

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