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Impulses for your innovation policy

Do you want to understand which innovation-relevant strategies and programmes of European institutions are important for you? Are you looking for the right contacts in Brussels for your innovation topics? We make sure that you can make better use of the diverse topics and contacts in areas such as new technologies, regional transformation, sustainability in the economy, and much more. We are by your side to advise you with our knowledge of European strategies and framework conditions in the field of innovation and regional development supporting you to achieve your economic policy goals.

Our service package - We connect European innovation policy with practice

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum analyses European strategies and programmes in relation to innovation-relevant topics according to your needs. We advise you on funding measures and contact relevant European actors on your behalf. Through our strong presence in European bodies and networks, we have direct access to many key European decision-makers. We know the innovation regions of Europe and support European and interregional exchange.

  • Using EU innovation policy

    It is essential to understand the context of EU innovation policy behind the various programmes and regulations. We can support you in identifying and making use of the relevant topics and programmes at an early stage.

    We can collate existing information and texts and prepare analyses and recommendations for actions, based on your needs

  • Innovation policy exchange with European regions

    Through our strong connection to over 50 innovation regions in Europe, we support exchange and peer learning between regions and stakeholders. We identify regional "good practices", shape communication campaigns and disseminate them across Europe.

  • Support for the testing of new measures and pilot projects

    In a regional, interregional or international context, joint pilot projects to test new technologies, services or framework conditions play an important role. We can support the identification of suitable partners and regions and help you identify possible funding opportunities.

  • Shaping innovation-relevant framework conditions

    We can engage in decision-making processes on your behalf through our exchange with political decision-makers at European level. We can provide information about decision-making process opportunities for you to engage with, such as public consultations and calls for expert panels.

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    What our customers say

    • „Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is a strong advocate for better and more strategic policy-making with regard to European innovation policy. Together with other regions from the Vanguard Initiative, one of their main goals is to better support SMEs in their innovation endeavors by developing and providing the right policy framework on the European level. Steinbeis' contribution in the Vanguard Initiative Policy Influencing Task Group is therefore extremely relevant and always with a view to improve the innovation policy context.“

      Florence Hennart, Service Public Wallonie, Senior policy advisor – Department for Competitiveness and Innovation – Wallonia, Lead of the Vanguard Initiative Policy Influencing Task Group
    • „In the context of the Vanguard Initiative we have had close and very fruitful collaboration with Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, when it comes to regional cooperation on innovation policy and activities. We highly value both their passion and their ambition of translating innovation policy into practice on the European level.“

      Eleanor Vaughan, Welsh Government

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