Strengthening international research and innovation cooperation between China and the EU (SENET)

The EU and China have a longstanding research cooperation based on the EU-China Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement. In the future, both parties aim to further improve framework conditions for cooperation on innovation and promote more mutually beneficial, open and equal science in order to jointly address global challenges.

Especially health research is an area where the EU and China have a lot to gain from such closer cooperation, as global health challenges are difficult to be addressed on one front. Aligning research efforts can contribute to more efficient research, which can substantially reduce redundancy on a global level.

The aim of the SENET project was to create a sustainable health networking and knowledge hub between the EU and China in order to:

  • promote constant and constructive dialogue on health-related research and innovation
  • identify health challenges of common interest and highlight opportunities for cooperation
  • improve research framework conditions and remove barriers to cooperation
  • implement collaborative health research initiatives

The SENET project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825904.

Project duration: 01/2019 – 12/2021

Participating countries: China, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain

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Keywords:  Personalised Medicine, Research Cooperation, China

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