Restoring the Danube and Black Sea by creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem (EcoDaLLi)

The main objective of EcoDaLLi is to centralize Danube governance structures in terms of innovative solutions for improved ecological restoration, protection, and preservation of the Danube basin and its Delta by fostering a stronger innovation ecosystem within a well-connected Living Lab.

The EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and water by 2030” will help achieve the marine and fresh-water targets of the European Green Deal, integrating a systematic approach for restoration, protection, and preservation of our ocean and waters. Therefore, four Lighthouses, that provide coordinated actions, have been created: Atlantic & Arctic, Mediterranean, Baltic & North Sea, and Danube & Black Sea. As Coordination and Support Action (CSA) of the Danube Lighthouse EcoDaLLi coordinates and supports the related Innovation Actions and works closely with the European Commission and the other Lighthouses towards the achievement of the mission targets.

Additionally, EcoDaLLi will support innovators in the Danube region to connect to governance structures by providing and maintaining networks, through dedicated Living Labs. A custom-made digital portal for synergies and innovation support services will help the innovation ecosystem to create circular services towards Sustainable Blue Economy in the Danube Basin and beyond.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is the coordinator of EcoDaLLi and responsible for:

  • Coordination and support of all projects in the Danube Lighthouse and close collaboration with the three other Mission Ocean Lighthouses and the European Commission
  • Management and coordination of all EcoDaLLi activities
  • Communication, dissemination and exploitation of EcoDaLLi project results
  • Directly engaging and working with stakeholders in the Living Lab system

Project title: ECOsystem-based governance with Danube lighthouse Living Lab for sustainable Innovation processes – EcoDaLLi

Further information:

  • Funding Programme: EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and waters by 2030”
  • Total budget for all partners: 2.68 Mio EUR
  • Participating countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, UK
  • Project duration: 01/2023 – 06/2026

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Keywords: Danube, Black Sea, Mission Ocean, Lighthouse, Living Lab, Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Blue Economy

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