Intelligent energy storage and management in a practical test on Borkum (NETfficient)

Between 01/2015 and 12/2018 the project NETfficient has implemented “Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies” on the German island of Borkum in the North Sea. Due to project activities, the portion of renewable energies to cover the energy demand have increased, thus contributing to the goal of self-sufficiency for the island.

The project included the development of a sustainable energy management systems, integrating smart electric storage and enhanced distribution technologies for the electric grid of the island. Its main objective was to provide solutions for more efficient use of the available sources of renewable energies and to help to reduce carbon emissions as well as dependency on fossil fuels. An energy management platform links decentralised storage solutions and PV systems into a virtual power plant to increase local self-consumption and provide system services.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum played a key role in supporting the development of business models and the business plan. Another focus was on disseminating the project results via webinars, study visits and a publication that was published in the Steinbeis Edition in January 2019. It was also responsible for communication, administrative and financial project management.

Weitere Informationen:

  • Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • Funding amount: EUR 9 million
  • Participating countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • Duration: 01/2015 - 12/2018

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