Gemeinsam stärker – Stronger togetherStudy for the Partnership Initiative Baden-Württemberg - United Kingdom

1. Oktober 2020

To create a close and long-term economic partnership beyond Brexit and to establish new profitable cooperations, the British Consulate General and the Department for International Trade as well as the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg have launched the BW - UK Partnership Initiative in 2020. 

The vision of the "Economic Partnership Initiative" is to explore new opportunities for economic policy cooperation by intensifying dialogue and, at the same time, to create concrete cooperation opportunities for companies to increase their innovative capacity and thus their competitiveness.  

In addition to regular political talks, the initiative also includes the Baden-Württemberg-British networking of international events in both economic regions, delegation trips, SME matchings, roundtables and expert dialogues. The focus is on future-oriented topics closely related to the challenges of economic transformation. 

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum conducted the study "Gemeinsam stärker - Stronger together: Successful business relations between Baden-Württemberg and the United Kingdom", commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg in 2020. In the study, SEZ shows that four sectors can be classified as particularly relevant: the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, the cultural and creative industries, and the mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry. There is a high potential for synergies between the two economic regions, both within and between these four industries. However, the greatest potential for future synergies arises from overlaps with the cross-cutting topics of automation and robotics, digitalisation and artificial intelligence and sustainable economics. The partnership initiative currently focuses on the automotive and healthcare sectors. However, the areas of cultural and creative industries as well as digitalisation and artificial intelligence are also of great importance. 

Overall, the study showed that cooperation between Baden-Württemberg and British partners will be particularly worthwhile in these areas in the future. The United Kingdom and Baden-Württemberg are particularly strong and innovative in these areas and can therefore achieve a lot together if each contributes its respective strengths and competencies. 

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