COSMHYC DEMOLaunch of Construction for the Hydrogen Refuelling Station

7. November 2022
COSMHYC DEMO construction site, 10-2022, © CCTVI

COSMHYC DEMO partner CCTVI, the communities of cities “Touraine Vallée de l’Indre”, is pleased to announce the start of construction work of the project’s hydrogen refuelling station. The civil works started in mid-September.

In COSMHYC DEMO, an EU project funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the European Institute for Energy Research coordinates the project activities. MAHYTEC, EIFHYTEC and Nel Hydrogen are represented as industrial partners. At the French municipality CCTVI, the hybrid compression solution is being tested for the first time at a hydrogen filling station and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports the consortium in the area of communication, dissemination, and exploitation of the project result.

 “This year has shown that we are even more in need of climate-neutral alternatives to oil and gas, in mobility as well as the entire energy sector”, says Alain Esnault, vice-président of CCTVI, where the station will be built. “The start of construction of the hydrogen refuelling station is an important step to make this happen in our region.”

The current construction timetable foresees the completion of most of construction work and civil engineering by the end of the year, followed by electrical installations in early 2023. The H2StationTM is set to be delivered by project partner Nel Hydrogen in April 2023 and commissioned and operational in early summer 2023.

After the commissioning of the station, the innovative combined compression solution developed within the COSMHYC project series will be installed and demonstrated under real life operating conditions for the first time!

Since the beginning of the first COSMHYC project in 2017 and followed by the second project COSMHYC XL, the technology, in design as well as performance, has progressed significantly. Now, the technology is ready to be tested at a real hydrogen refuelling station. The existing fleet at CCTVI – several fuel cell electrical vehicles and a garbage truck (funded within the Interreg NWE project HECTOR) – will be used to demonstrate the commercial readiness of the innovative compression solution.

“Previous full-scale prototypes of the innovative metal hydride compression solution have been tested extensively in lab settings, with very promising results. In this next major step, the technology will finally be installed and operated in an actual public refuelling station at CCTVI, thus demonstrating under real conditions its advantages and suitability for the hydrogen-based transport and mobility sector”, says Rami C., coordinator of COSMHYC DEMO at the European Institute for Energy Research, EIFER.

With the brand-new hydrogen refuelling station soon operational at the ISOPARC in Sorigny, local stakeholders can prepare to invest in FCEVs for private, commercial, or public usage, and contribute to accelerating the deployment of clean and green H2 mobility. The H2StationTM is supplied by Nel ASA and partly funded through the European Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.

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