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Island of Chalki, Greece

Many European islands are on their pathways to sustainably produced, green energy. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports these island communities as a strong partner for communication in the EU islands secretariat.

Here it implements public relations measures, including podcasts, videos, publications as well as seminars and conferences. A storytelling approach in the sense of "Explore, Shape & Act" accompanies the islands in the transition to clean energy and on their way to decarbonisation.

The publications that the secretariat has delivered include:

The handbook “From vision to action: How to tackle transition on EU islands” is an action-oriented guide designed to help islands transition to clean energy. It documents examples, ideas and projects in all phases of the energy transition and follows the Explore Shape Act methodology.

The Technology Solutions Booklet provides an overview of energy technologies that are currently commercially available to help islands accelerate their clean energy transition. The technologies were grouped according to the electricity, heating and cooling, transport and storage sectors.

Videos: Under the motto Views from the Islands, the islands are regularly asked to produce videos and send them to the islands secretariat. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is responsible for promoting the videos via social media.

Podcasts: In the podcast series Voices from the Islands, islanders tell personal stories. The offer complements the webinars, which deal with specific topics such as technologies, financing and funding. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum promotes these podcasts via social media.


In May 2017, the European Commission, together with 14 Member States under the Maltese Presidency, signed the "Political Declaration on Clean Energy for EU Islands". Due to their specific geographical and climatic conditions, islands and island regions face similar energy challenges and opportunities. These opportunities have the potential to turn Europe's island communities into innovation leaders in the clean energy transition for Europe and beyond.

In cooperation with the European Parliament, the Commission set up a secretariat in 2018 to implement the objectives of the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative. The secretariat acts as a platform for the exchange of best practices for island stakeholders and provides targeted capacity-building and advisory services. The secretariat uses the quadruple helix approach and supports citizens, local authorities, local businesses and academic institutions in working together to drive the transition to clean energy on their island.

The EU islands secretariat supports the European island communities, among other things, in the development of agendas for a clean energy transition, in the identification of individual projects and their preparation. It also provides access to an online collaboration platform and peer-to-peer support. The focus is on the following topics: energy generation, energy efficiency, transport as well as heating and cooling.

From February 2021 to February 2023, the secretariat has been managed by 3E, Belgium, Th!nk E, Belgium, Rescoop, Belgium, DNV, Belgium, RdA, Portugal and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

In February 2023 a new project proposal has been approved by the European Commission. The secretariat now is managed by 3E, Belgium, Th!nk E, Belgium, DNV, Belgium, RdA, Portugal, ECONOLER, Bulgaria, Energy Academy, Denmark, DAFNI, Greece and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

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