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Boost for solar energy and CSP plants 

Especially in sunny and dry regions of the earth, concentrated solar thermal energy can be used to provide electricity, heating and cooling. The high-water consumption of these plants results from the evaporation loss in the steam power plants and the amount of water needed to clean the mirrors. Under the leadership of Kelvion Holding GmbH and with the cooperation of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and other partners, a comprehensive solution for reducing water consumption in CSP plants was developed in the EU project MinWaterCSP. 

A novel hybrid cooling system was developed which, together with an improved mirror cleaning system and a water management plan, ensures water savings of over 85% compared to plants operated exclusively with wet cooling. The results could be partially integrated into the value creation processes of the individual project partners and have achieved the goal of making solar thermal power plants operable and efficient even under unfavourable weather conditions. Existing plants benefit from the further developed cleaning technology and the possibilities of holistic plant simulation. The results benefit above all sunny and dry regions where concentrated solar thermal energy is used.  


Solution: Driving innovation 

As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum played a decisive role in the administrative organisation and created the framework for transparent technical and financial reporting. It also took care of cross-media communication measures and the exploitation of project results.  

Spanish SME ECILIMP termosolar has applied for several patents for its cleaning driving and tools as part of the project. "With Steinbeis Europa Zentrum on our side, it was easy for us to take the right steps in intellectual property rights issues. Likewise, we were confidently advised on financial planning and control and the dissemination of our technology", says Javier García Pérez Ainsua, Managing Director of ECILIMP termosolar, Spain. 

„Through the project, Kelvion was able to gain valuable experience in H2020 project management as well as risk and IPR management and is open to future research projects - especially in the H2020 environment. Another H2020 follow-up project proposal has meanwhile been approved by the EU, which means that we will be working together with our French colleagues on another interesting CSP project. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has taken over crucial parts of the administrative organisation, created the framework for transparent technical and financial reporting and contributed its valuable know-how, enabling Kelvion to manage the project efficiently and effectively.“

Dr. Falk Mohasseb, Technologiemanager, Product Engineered Solutions (PES) bei der Kelvion Holding GmbH, Deutschland

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