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Europe is a clear leader in the field of climate science and aims to maintain and build on this leadership position in the future. Further research and deepening of this knowledge base is therefore of key importance. In the long term, the transition to a climate-neutral and resilient society and economy is to be achieved collectively.

To reach these goals, various activities will be promoted, such as continuous further development and research in the fields of earth system science, climate neutrality, climate change as well as targeted climate measures. A significant contribution should be made to the international ability to predict and project climate change, taking into account various natural and socio-economic factors. The overall aim is to strengthen the European Research Area in the field of climate protection and to increase the transparency, stability, trustworthiness and practical usability of the state of knowledge on climate change to be used by policy-makers, practitioners, other stakeholders and citizens.  

To address all these issues comprehensively, the European Commission promotes strong cross-sectoral as well as international cooperation. This is made possible through access to world-class research infrastructures, the interaction of different academic, industrial and societal actors and with the aim of driving the development of innovative services and digital solutions for society.

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