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Artificial intelligence is one of the most ground-breaking technologies of our time and a key technology of the future. It is changing our lives in almost every area: in business, it increases efficiency and productivity; in healthcare, it helps to detect diseases early on via machine learning. With AI, the consumption of energy and raw materials can be minimised, thus protecting resources and the climate. In traffic, autonomous driving might drastically reduce the number of traffic accidents. Further areas of application are agriculture and production.

The following topics are the focus of EU funding, including the introduction of AI in complex, safety- and time-critical systems: transport networks, avionics, healthcare and industrial applications; basic research to improve hardware (chips for AI, but also mechatronics; and advanced sensors and actuation for safer, faster, more precise and more energy-efficient robots) and algorithms; adaptive learning and the improvement of intelligent, collaborative, safe and efficient robots and autonomous systems; and finally, the creation of common AI platforms, centres of excellence and "digital innovation hubs" for the exchange of tools and resources for research and innovation in AI, as well as increased collaboration between researchers.

Challenges arise regarding ethical issues and the governance of algorithms and systems. As a pioneer in AI science, the EU is committed to trustworthy, ethical and human-centred AI. Baden-Württemberg also promotes the digital transformation of the region and offers support and an entrepreneur-friendly environment.

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