W4RES Webinar n°8 on Diversity Recruitment Strategies

We are happy to announce our next W4RES webinar, happening on the 3rd of May 2023! Book your calendars from 10-11.30 CEST to join us and participate in the Webinar n°8 - Diversity recruitment strategies in the renewable energy sector.

In today’s world, jobseekers won’t settle in for any less than diverse and inclusive workplaces. Diversity also brings more ideas, more talents and more skills. The fact is that the energy sector needs more women*, as research shows that lack of gender diversity in company senior positions is holding back innovation (IRENA, Renewable Energy: A Gender Perspective, 2019).


Through our Webinars series, we went together through several gender tools that one can implement to improve gender equality in the workplace, this time we come back with concrete strategies and programs for diversity recruitment.

Get inspired and learn how to work with and use programs such as young female talent in STEM program with Elisa Busskamp from Femtec GmbH as well as recruitment programs for women in technologies and equal opportunities with Julia Brugger from Salzburg AG, and finally learn how to build diversity recruitment strategies and policies with our third expert, Ashmita Krishna Sharma from Sparkling Gems. The participants will then dive into deeper guided discussion on the recruiting process, and diversity and inclusion strategies.

Are you interested in participating in this webinar? Register here!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Find our webinar schedule as follow:

  • Webinar n°6 - Impact of energy prices on energy poverty, gender equality and RHC opportunities for mitigation – 18th January 2023 (WECF) (More information and recording here)
  • Webinar n°7 - Added value of women in innovation in RHC & RES – 22nd February 2023 (ECWT) (More information here)
  • Webinar n°8 - Diversity recruitment strategies in the renewable energy sector – 3rd May 2023 (WECF) (Register here)
  • Webinar n°9 - RHC - RES - DEIS The Nordic Outlook – 24th May 2023 (ECWT)  
  • Webinar n°10 - SINTEF - RHC - DEIS - The Norwegian Perspective – 7th June 2023 (ECWT)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Marilys Louvet, marilys.louvet@wecf.org for any question!  



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