This event is organized by the IDIH project and it is open and free of charge. IDIH’s objective is to foster collaboration in the field of digital health for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) between the European Union and five Strategic Partner Countries (USA, Canada, China, Japan, and South Korea). By establishing a “Digital Health Transformation Forum”, the project incorporates society, technology and industry with policy frameworks to support the development of joint activities in digital transformation of health and care for older people. The Digital Health Transformation Forum operation is based on an expert-drive approach that has foreseen the establishment of 4 Experts Groups (EGs) and a User Consultation Group (UCG), capable of guiding the IDIH experts to adopt a user’s-centred perspective in the development of a Roadmap for policy makers with concrete steps and recommendations to enhance international cooperation in the field of Digital Health for Active and Healthy Ageing.

Starting from the 18 priorities resulted from the 2nd EGs Workshop, and considering the recent relevant policy orientations at European and international level, 3 Priority Topics have been developed by the IDIH experts around 3 main areas of intervention: Data Governance, Digital Inclusion and Interoperability-by-design.

In order to complement the works of IDIH experts for the development of the IDIH Roadmap, meant as a key and final outcome of the project, this event aims to better tackle the users’ and tech providers perspectives in the design and adoption of digital solutions for active and healthy ageing (AHA).

In particular, key stakeholders from Europe and beyond will present case studies and design experiences of digital solutions for the AHA domain, especially addressing challenging designing and implementing aspects that concern the inclusion of final users (older persons and formal/informal carers) in the solutions development/adoption, and also addressing the issue of data sharing and compliance with Data Regulations.

The event anticipates the 2nd meeting of the Users Consultation Group (UCG) of IDIH, where the UCG members will trace the results of such event to further improve the policy recommendations by IDIH according with an expert-driven and users-centred approach.

As an IDIH Stakeholders’ event, this is an occasion for the project also to encourage networking and matchmaking of its wider community of experts, now gathered within the Platform  to be soon restyled in view of the IDIH Week 2022 (March 2022) and for the sustainability purposes of the project. Stay tuned!