FIT4FoF final conference

- Lisbon & online

We invite you to our final event

After three years working on the development of a new education and training framework that improve the knowledge of the workforce and reduce the gap of their skills and needs, the project FIT4FoF comes to an end. We are celebrating an event where to show our results obtained through these years and you, as part of our Community of Practice, are invited to come.

This final event will take place on Thursday 18 November as part of the Skillman International Forum 2021.

The event will be preceded by a train-the-trainer workshop onsite at 13:00 (CET) in the Portuguese Industrial Association (Lisbon), and finally, the main final event will be at 15:30, online and onsite in Lisbon, where members of the project will explain the scenarios created on Future Works and Skills in Industry 4.0, the research done on job profiles and the results of the educational pilots developed by four of the partners, all using the iCoED method.

Also, during this event will be given an award for the best European upskilling initiative. It will be selected from the 53 initiatives that have been submitted in the FIT4FoF Digital Upskilling Initiatives Catalogue.

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Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann
Kontaktieren Sie uns

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann