Der Donauraum in der Zeitenwende

- Stuttgart

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism in cooperation with the State Ministry Baden Württemberg invite you to the event

„The Danube Region at the turn of times – actively shaping the transformation. Solution approaches for politics and business.”

The aim of the event is to discuss the state of play of cooperation among economic-political and civil society stakeholders in the Danube region against the backdrop of the ongoing transformation with regard to the war in Ukraine, climate change, value chains, energy price development and the shortage of skilled workers. The objective of the event is to discuss new opportunities and solution options that arise from the transnational cooperation in the region, while also addressing the current situation in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

The event is part of the series "The Danube Region at the turn of times". It is mainly aimed at representatives from business, politics, associations, research institutions, municipalities as well as other interested persons and stakeholders from the Danube region.

The number of participants is limited to 200 persons.

Dr. Petra Püchner, Executive Manager Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of  Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg

Panel: Green Deal as a business opportunity – Two practice examples business opportunities through Green Deal investments with Marko Mitrović, CEO Optifood, Maribor, Slovenia, and Dr. Jonathan Loeffler, Executive Manager Steinbeis Europa Zentrum


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Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Willi-Bleicher. Str. 19

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