Action Cluster Meet & Greet of the Smart Cities Marketplace

The Action Clusters of the Smart Cities Marketplace are assemblies of partners committing to work on specific issues related to smart cities, by sharing the knowledge and expertise with their peers, giving added-value to their national and local experience and identifying gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level. The work of the each Action Clusters is collected under thematic Initiatives.

The aim of this Action Cluster Meet & Greet is to fuel cross-border exchange with and between all Action Cluster chairs, Initiative leads, members, guest presenters, and newly interested people. It will also give the opportunity to discuss the highlights of the preceding Action Cluster meetings.

The Smart Cities Marketplace is looking forward to:

  • Networking between Action Cluster chairs, Initiative leads, members and all interested in the community
  • Find and deepen common linkages within the Action Cluster community structure
  • Discuss Cluster-overarching topics in small conversational groups and areas
  • Engage with those having newly joined the community or being interested to sign up
  • Virtual community space at easy to use & network

Join our Meet & Greet to strengthen networking, foster informal exchange, fuel ideas for next steps, encourage dialogue, and serve as a conversation starter for the future.


Steinbeis Europa Zentrum as consortium partner within the Smart Cities Marketplace

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Sabine Haeßler
Kontaktieren Sie uns

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Sabine Haeßler