Decarbonisation of the building sector through circular use of construction materials (SIRCULAR)

The buildings and construction sector contributes to 39% of global energy and process-related CO2 emissions and low impact construction materials and techniques are crucial for decarbonising building stock. Recycling and deconstructed materials, including Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW), play a key role in this process. CDW, including materials like concrete, bricks, wood, metals, plastics, and soil, produces up to 40% of the total waste stream. Many CDW materials can be recycled and reused, reducing resource consumption and landfilling. However, there is a need to promote the adoption of circular models in the construction sector. Factors hindering this uptake include lack of confidence in CDW management, doubts about the quality of recycled and CDW-derived products, and concerns about potential health risks for workers and building occupants. Improvements in waste identification, source separation, and collection, enhanced waste processing and logistics, effective quality management, and supportive policy and framework conditions are necessary.

SIRCULAR aims to revolutionise the construction industry by creating a methodology that combines sustainable deconstruction, re-use and low-carbon construction techniques.

This approach integrates digital tools that will guide people on their building decarbonisation interventions, adopting a holistic view of a building's entire life cycle and equipping decision-makers with the information needed to make environmentally conscious choices.

SIRCULAR is in line with the sustainability objectives of the Built4People (B4P) Partnership and aims to transform the construction sector into an eco-friendly and resilient industry.

As a project partner Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports the communication and dissemination activities in the project and, the exploitation of the project results.

Further information:

  • Project name: SIRCULAR - Sustainable and Integrated people centRiC solUtions for buiLding decArbonisation and circularity
  • Funding: European Commission, Horizon Europe (Project Number. 101147412)
  • Total funding budget for all project partners: EUR 6 million
  • Participating countries: Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain
  • Project duration: 06/2024 – 11/2027

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Keywords: Energy efficient buildings, circular economy, decarbonisation, reuse, recycling, value chain, construction, GIS, BIM, social innovation, policy innovation, buildings renovation, building the transition, Built4People

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