Cancer (Horizon Europe)

The intended goal of the mission on cancer is to save more than three million lives by 2030, with cancer patients living longer and better. The intervention areas include: Understand; Prevent what is preventable; Optimise diagnostics and treatment; Support quality of life; Ensure equitable access in all aforementioned areas. The identified Mission Cancer will address all poorly understood cancers in men and women, cancers in children, adolescents/young adults and the elderly, cancers in socio-economically vulnerable people, living in either cities, rural or remote areas, across all Member States and Associated countries.

This would be through a health-in-all policies approach; through infrastructure support, regional, social and citizen community development; through investments, support and commitments from public and private sources, including from Member States, Associated countries and industry; and through cooperation with third countries.

The identified Mission Cancer is coherent with and will be an essential and integral component of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. It will provide directions and objectives for research and innovation and effective Commission policy to alleviate the burden of cancer.

It also relates to the European Green Deal, including the Farm to Fork strategy. The mission proposes research and policy directions and objectives to identify effective strategies for the development and implementation of cancer prevention, including on environmental factors (e.g. exposure to workplace carcinogens, air pollution, unhealthy diet, nutrition and low physical activity).

Furthermore, it is also in line with the industrial and digitalisation strategy. The mission proposes a further upscaling and digitalisation of services, innovation in diagnostics and interventions, and developing living labs, contributing to the positive impact of efforts by industry and SMEs on the health of citizens. Envisaged opportunities are in the fields of: cancer biomarkers; cloud computing and digital applications, smart apps/sensors; AI/machine learning to facilitate a better understanding of cancer and support, inter alia, screening, administration of combinational therapies, and clinical management of patients living with and after cancer.

Full implementation of the mission is subject to confirmation following the preparatory phase.

Proposals for call(s) and procurement actions under this identified mission should contribute to setting out a credible pathway for a swift implementation of the Mission Cancer, thereby contributing to the envisaged mission goal.

Call topics for 2021

HORIZON-MISS-2021-UNCAN-01-01: Preparing, a European initiative to understand cancer

Gesamtbudget: 3 MEUR

Vollen Text der Horizon Europe Missions (2021-2022) finden Sie hier.

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