World-leading Data and Computing Technologies (Horizon Europe)

This Destination addresses globally attractive, secure and dynamic data-agile economy by developing and enabling the uptake of the next-generation computing and data technologies and infrastructures (including space infrastructure and data), enabling the European single market for data with the corresponding data spaces and a trustworthy artificial intelligence ecosystem.

This Destination contributes to the following Strategic Plan’s Key Strategic Orientations (KSO):

  • KSO A, ‘Promoting an open strategic autonomy by leading the development of key digital, enabling and emerging technologies, sectors and value chains to accelerate and steer the digital and green transitions through human-centred technologies and innovations.’
  • KSO C, ‘Making Europe the first digitally led circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy through the transformation of its mobility, energy, construction and production systems

It covers the following exptected impact areas:

  • Improved European leadership in the global data economy
  • Maximised social and economic benefits from the wider and more effective use of data

Call topics mit der Einreichungsfrist 19.03.2024:

Gesamtbudget für die Destination im Jahr 2024: 85 MEUR

Vollen Text des Arbeitsprogramms "Digital, Industry and Space" (2023-2024) finden Sie hier.

Name des Förderprogramms

Horizon Europe





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