Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden (Horizon Europe)

Tackling disease and reducing disease burden - Two - stage

Healthcare stakeholders are in a position to combat diseases and reduce the burden of disease for patients. This applies to infectious diseases, including poverty-associated and neglected diseases, as well as non-communicable and rare diseases. This requires a deeper understanding of diseases, the use of more effective and innovative health technologies, and improved capacity and preparedness to manage outbreaks of epidemics.

What is the goal to be achieved?
The expected impact, in line with the Strategic Plan, is to contribute to "Good Health and High Quality Accessible Healthcare."

Call Topics for 2022:


  • Pre-clinical development of the next generation of immunotherapies for diseases or disorders with unmet medical needs
  • Vaccines 2.0 - developing the next generation of vaccines
  • Development of new effective therapies for rare diseases

Working programme: Health

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Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Dr. Kristin Dallinger
Dr. Timo Strohäker