Interreg Donauraum (2. Call im Danube Region Programme)

The Danube Region Programme will be launching its second call for proposals on 2nd October 2023. This one-step call for proposals will require applicants to prepare and submit the full application form online through the Joint Electronic Monitoring System - Jems. The submission deadline is 29th February 2024.

The call is open to all specific objectives of the programme, except specific objective 4.1. which means projects submitted under the second call should focus on one of the following specific objectives:

Priority 1: A smarter Danube Region

  • SO 1.1     Research and innovation
  • SO 1.2    Skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship

Priority 2: A greener, low-carbon Danube Region

  • SO 2.1    Renewable energy
  • SO 2.2   Climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention
  • SO 2.3   Access to water and sustainable water management
  • SO 2.4   Protection and preservation of the nature and biodiversity

Priority 3: A more social Danube Region

  • SO 3.1    Labour markets and access to quality employment
  • SO 3.2   Education, training and lifelong learning
  • SO 3.3   Culture and sustainable tourism

Priority 4: A better cooperation governance in the Danube Region

  • SO 4.2   Institutional capacities for territorial and macro-regional governance


The Danube Region Programme has allocated 55.051.854,53 EUR for the second call for proposals.


Eligible applicants include public authorities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, research organizations, and other relevant stakeholders from the Danube region. Each project has to involve at least three financing project partners from three different countries of the programme area.

Name des Förderprogramms

Interreg B - Danube Transnational Programme





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Kontaktieren Sie uns!

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