Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes (HORIZON EUROPE)

This Destination addresses activities that improve the climate and environmental footprint, as well as competitiveness, of different transport modes.

The transport sector is responsible for 23% of CO2 emissions and remains dependent on oil for 92% of its energy demand. While there has been significant technological progress over past decades, projected GHG emissions are not in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement due to the expected increase in transport demand. Intensified research and innovation activities are therefore needed, across all transport modes and in line with societal needs and preferences, in order for the EU to reach its policy goals towards a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and to reduce significantly air pollutants.

The areas of rail and air traffic management will be addressed through dedicated Institutional European Partnerships and are therefore not included in this document.

This Destination contributes to the following Strategic Plan’s Key Strategic Orientations (KSO):

  • C: Making Europe the first digitally enabled circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy through the transformation of its mobility, energy, construction and production systems;
  • A: Promoting an open strategic autonomy235 by leading the development of key digital, enabling and emerging technologies, sectors and value chains to accelerate and steer the digital and green transitions through human-centred technologies and innovations.

It covers the following impact areas:

  • Industrial leadership in key and emerging technologies that work for people;
  • Smart and sustainable transport.

The expected impact, in line with the Strategic Plan, is to contribute “Towards climate-neutral and environmental friendly mobility through clean solutions across all transport modes while increasing global competitiveness of the EU transport sector", notably through:

  • Transforming road transport to zero-emission mobility through a world-class European research and innovation and industrial system, ensuring that Europe remains world leader in innovation, production and services in relation to road transport (more detailed information below).
  • Accelerating the reduction of all aviation impacts and emissions (CO2 and non-CO2, including manufacturing and end-of-life, noise), developing aircraft technologies for deep reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and maintaining European aero-industry’s global leadership position (more detailed information below).
  • Accelerate the development and prepare the deployment of climate neutral and clean solutions in the inland and marine shipping sector, reduce its environmental impact (on biodiversity, noise, pollution and waste management), improve its system efficiency, leverage digital and EU satellite-navigation solutions and contribute to the competitiveness of the European waterborne sector (more detailed information below).
  • Devising more effective ways for reducing emissions and their impacts through improved scientific knowledge (more detailed information below).

Call topics mit der Einreichungsfrist 18.04.2024:

  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-01: Smart, low-cost pervasive stationary slow charging and bi-directional solutions synergic with the grid for EV mass deployment (2ZERO Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-02: Integration and testing of next generation post 1200V electric powertrains (2ZERO Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-03: Advanced battery system integration for next generation vehicles (2ZERO Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-04: Integrated flexible multipoint megawatt charging systems for electric truck mass deployment (2ZERO Partnership) (2024)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-05: Advanced digital development tools to accelerate the development of software defined vehicles that enable zero-emission mobility (2ZERO Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-06: New designs, shapes, functionalities of Light Commercial Vehicles (2ZERO Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-07: Accelerating climate neutral aviation, minimising non-CO2 emissions
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-08: Competitiveness and digital transformation in aviation – advancing further composite aerostructures
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-09: Impact monitoring of EU Aviation R&I
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-10: Towards a flying testbed for European leadership in aviation
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-11: Achieving high voltage, low weight, efficient electric powertrains for sustainable waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-12: Combining state-of-the-art emission reduction and efficiency improvement technologies in ship design and retrofitting for contributing to the "Fit for 55" package objective by 2030 (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-13: Demonstration of Technologies to minimise underwater noise generated by waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-14: Demonstrating efficient fully DC electric grids within waterborne transport for large ship applications (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-15: Advanced digitalisation and modelling utilizing operational and other data to support zero emission waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-16: Structuring the Waterborne transport sector, including through changed business and industrial models in order to achieve commercial zero-emission waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-17: Coordinating and supporting the combined activities of member and associated states towards the objectives of the Zero Emission Waterborne Transport partnership so as to increase synergies and impact (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-18: Assessment of air pollutant emissions from low-carbon fuels in the heavy-duty, aviation, and maritime sectors

Gesamtbudget für die Destination im Jahr 2024: 202 MEUR

Vollen Text des Arbeitsprogramms "Climate, Energy and Mobility" (2023-2024) finden Sie hier.

Name des Förderprogramms

Horizon Europe


202 MEUR



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